Smart Methods – Gerald Martinez

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Interesting View – Thomas King

Prepared with assistance from Nicholas Wright, Raymond Clark, Frank Roberts, Mark Adams, Justin Hernandez, Jonathan Harris, Robert Harris, Scott Thompson, Benjamin Martin, Ronald King, Donald Moore, Raymond Baker, Jacob King, Brandon Lewis, Donald Perez, John Walker,...
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Beaming Plan – Frank Parker

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Cool Innovation – Jeremy Bailey

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Enticing Planning – Jonathan Richardson

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Eloquent Creativity – Willie Evans

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Ideal Information – Frank Young

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Handy Innovation – Bryan Watson

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Superb Choice – Charles Brooks

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Refreshing Discovery – William Gray

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The first question you should ask yourself is whether you want to know her exact size before you buy her ring or if getting the ring resized afterwards is not a problem. Some people don’t want to risk spoiling the surprise!

Most jewelers can easily resize the ring for you after you afterwards. Most good online retailers also offer the same service. So, what are the tips to get at least a good approximation?

  • Get one of her rings while she is not looking and bring it to your jeweler. He will tell you in an instant what size her finger is. Keep in mind that not all her fingers are similar. They are not of the same size, so you should aim for a ring slightly oversized as opposed to buying a ring that’s too small. Think about it, when you give her the ring, it wouldn’t be great if you can’t even put it on her finger. Besides, it’s easier for a jeweler to reduce the size of a ring than the opposite.
  • You can use a string and put it around her finger while she is sleeping! Then calculate the circumference of her finger. Remember to calculate around her knuckle. Here’s a nice table that’ll tell you exactly what her finger size is based on the circumference of her finger.
  • Ring Size Circumference (in mm) Diameter (in mm)
    5 53 mm 17 mm
    6 55 mm 17.5 mm
    7 57 mm 18 mm
    8 60 mm 19 mm
    9 63 mm 20 mm
    10 66 mm 21 mm

    Another suggestion is to have one of her friends make her try some of their rings and then report back to you with the correct size of her finger! Of course, you have to ask her friends to be careful when they ask her to avoid arousing her suspicion.

It is generally a good idea to put efforts in finding out what her perfect ring size is before you buy her a ring. That will show how dedicated you are and how special she is. Finally, remember that not ALL women are alike. Our Diamond Buying Guide might be useful, but remember that some of women might prefer to choose their own ring. You should try to find out in a subtle way weeks ahead. After all, she is going to wear it for the rest of her life so it’s much better if she really adores it!