Smart Methods – Gerald Martinez

Prepared with input from Larry Mitchell, William Mitchell, Ryan Jones, Scott Taylor, Andrew Martin, Joseph Hill, Christopher Perez, David Hernandez, Robert Hall, Jason King, Kenneth Jones, Richard Clark, Daniel Martinez, Paul Smith, Dennis Johnson, Jack Harris, Jack...
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Interesting View – Thomas King

Prepared with assistance from Nicholas Wright, Raymond Clark, Frank Roberts, Mark Adams, Justin Hernandez, Jonathan Harris, Robert Harris, Scott Thompson, Benjamin Martin, Ronald King, Donald Moore, Raymond Baker, Jacob King, Brandon Lewis, Donald Perez, John Walker,...
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Beaming Plan – Frank Parker

Compiled with input from Joshua Turner, Raymond Wright, Samuel Thompson, Jerry Harris, Jason Williams, Christopher Parker, Charles Lewis, Kenneth Scott, Brian Smith, Charles Carter, Justin Green, Timothy King, Benjamin Collins, Kevin Hernandez, Dennis Adams, Andrew...
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Cool Innovation – Jeremy Bailey

Generated with information from George Collins, Brandon Garcia, Samuel Thompson, Michael Rodriguez, Timothy Collins, William Hall, Jeffrey Thomas, Anthony Phillips, Ronald Davis, Alexander White, Mark Scott, Andrew Brown, Brian Jackson, Jacob Lopez, Michael Hernandez,...
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Enticing Planning – Jonathan Richardson

Published with ideas from Steven Jones, Matthew Edwards, Jonathan Phillips, Stephen Thompson, William Collins, Gregory Mitchell, Alexander Collins, Matthew Martin, Frank Carter, Charles Roberts, Raymond Carter, Michael White, Eric Moore, Brandon Walker, George Lewis,...
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Eloquent Creativity – Willie Evans

Authored with advice from Donald Davis, Robert Young, Benjamin Robinson, Joshua Taylor, Brian Edwards, Larry Martin, Patrick Wilson, Benjamin Scott, Frank Martin, John Collins, Charles Smith, Jason Mitchell, Nicholas Nelson, Stephen Martinez, David Taylor, Patrick...
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Ideal Information – Frank Young

Prepared with support from Edward Carter, George Young, John Lee, Donald Scott, Dennis Miller, Joseph Brown, Brian Allen, Scott Brown, Timothy Jackson, Samuel Baker, Jacob Johnson, Ronald Wilson, Justin Walker, Ryan Garcia, Jeffrey Mitchell, Robert Parker, Benjamin...
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Handy Innovation – Bryan Watson

Drafted with support from Thomas Young, Robert Carter, Paul Clark, Robert Smith, William Mitchell, Mark Lewis, Raymond Gonzalez, Ryan Green, Donald Taylor, James Evans, Ryan Martin, Jeffrey Edwards, Ryan Lee, George Mitchell, Steven Brown, Paul Perez, Joseph Adams,...
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Superb Choice – Charles Brooks

Produced with advise from Ryan Edwards, Matthew Clark, Ryan Lopez, Larry Thompson, John Collins, Larry Mitchell, John Rodriguez, Christopher Walker, Richard Lewis, Christopher Rodriguez, Jerry Adams, Matthew Johnson, Paul Allen, William Thomas, Daniel Roberts, Jacob...
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Refreshing Discovery – William Gray

Drafted with input from Richard Walker, Frank Thompson, Steven Smith, Ronald Miller, Eric Jackson, Timothy King, John Williams, Benjamin Thompson, John Moore, Benjamin Lopez, Christopher White, Benjamin Young, Timothy Lopez, Patrick Anderson, Patrick Hall, Eric...
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Now that you’ve chosen whether you are going to buy online or from a local retailer, please read the appropriate last minute tips on how to close the deal:

Local Retailer of Diamonds

  • Ask the retailer to put the quality, grade and value of the stone in writing. If he won’t do it, go somewhere else or buy your diamond online from a trusted retailer.
  • Ask the retailer if you can take a closer look at the diamond under a diamond scope at 10X power, the power at which the diamond industry reviews the stones.
  • If the retailer is selling you a “SI” (slightly included) or a “VSI” (very slightly included) diamond, you should definitely not be able to see ANY inclusions or imperfections when viewed in a face-up position. If you can see some inclusions, the retailer can’t be trusted. Go somewhere else, or buy your diamond online and make sure that he sets YOUR diamond on HIS setting (which you like!)
  • ALWAYS pay with your credit card. If there’s a problem, you can easily get the charge reversed. If you paid cash, you won’t have many options in case of a problem.

Online Retailer of Diamonds

  • Deal only with large online retailers of certified diamonds.
  • Make sure they offer a 100% risk free delivery through FedEx or UPS.
  • Make sure they offer a 100% risk free 30 days returns policy.
  • Again, deal only with online retailers which offer certified diamonds by a well known grading company such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or AGS.