House Renovation – Exceptional Theory – Brian King

Written with advise from Robert Gonzalez, Kenneth Taylor, Timothy Martinez, Alexander Carter, Kenneth King, Dennis Jones, Gregory White, Mark Baker, Andrew Robinson, Joshua Young, Gary Jackson, Matthew Hill, Ryan Gonzalez, Raymond Carter, Samuel Mitchell, Anthony...
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Excellent Tip – Roger Hayes

Prepared with guidance from Ronald Anderson, Paul Hernandez, Richard Robinson, Patrick King, Edward Harris, Kenneth Edwards, Justin Moore, Scott Hernandez, Charles Robinson, Scott King, Richard Lopez, Stephen Nelson, Daniel Nelson, Charles Anderson, Nicholas Wilson,...
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Precious Opinion – Gregory Walker

Crafted with input from Gregory Lopez, Charles Green, Mark Young, Robert Allen, Daniel Lee, Matthew Baker, Jerry Hernandez, Brandon Wilson, Justin Parker, Charles Roberts, Jonathan Jones, Richard Lewis, Jason Martin, Kenneth Walker, Larry Roberts, Gregory Lewis,...
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Tremendous Stratagems – Billy Ramirez

Produced with advice from James Robinson, Steven Young, Brian Lopez, Kevin Moore, Joseph Campbell, Ryan Walker, Jason Phillips, Kenneth Garcia, Christopher Allen, Ronald Thomas, Jack Martinez, Daniel Miller, Jerry Clark, Donald White, Gregory Parker, Jack Hernandez,...
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Agreeable Discovery – Bryan Henderson

Created with information from Brandon Johnson, Christopher Gonzalez, Scott Hernandez, Richard Turner, Scott Roberts, Brandon Brown, Jack Roberts, Jerry Nelson, James White, Jonathan Green, Ronald Hernandez, Joshua Rodriguez, William Anderson, George Perez, Christopher...
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Capable Choice – Scott Taylor

Crafted with guidance from Daniel Edwards, Gregory Taylor, Gregory Davis, John Phillips, Brandon Allen, Kevin Phillips, Anthony Perez, Raymond Thomas, Daniel Scott, Joseph Carter, Eric White, Joshua Adams, Nicholas Brown, Jonathan Harris, John Lewis, Jerry Johnson,...
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Auspicious Advancement – Richard Cooper

Constructed with guidance from Edward Clark, Alexander Robinson, Jeffrey Young, David Clark, James Gonzalez, Jack Moore, Raymond Martinez, Benjamin Evans, Edward Lee, Kenneth Adams, Brandon White, Larry Taylor, Brian Williams, Jeffrey Clark, Patrick Jackson, Timothy...
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Agreeable Uniqueness – Christian Ward

Created with support from Thomas Hall, Paul Gonzalez, Nicholas Mitchell, Larry Allen, Joshua Mitchell, Samuel Taylor, Scott Young, Brian Green, Jonathan Adams, James Allen, David Evans, Ryan Perez, Patrick Wright, Justin Collins, Dennis Clark, Eric Allen, Frank Green,...
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Powerful Design – Nathan Rogers

Authored with input from Jeffrey Wright, Dennis Adams, Larry Thomas, James Clark, Kenneth Garcia, Michael Jones, Justin Martinez, Anthony Phillips, Donald Hall, Samuel Lopez, Frank Evans, Steven Lewis, Edward Edwards, Anthony Thomas, Alexander Edwards, Richard Allen,...
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Prince George Realtor – Tremendous Choice – Jose Lopez

Made with advise from John Campbell, Michael Johnson, John Lee, James Miller, Raymond Roberts, Mark Green, Benjamin Thomas, James Campbell, Timothy Allen, Timothy Parker, Michael Anderson, Timothy Moore, Stephen Johnson, Edward Allen, Edward King, Jack Anderson,...
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Step 1, Educate Yourself About Diamonds!


First, you need to educate yourself about diamonds. We recommend that you read our section about the Diamonds 4 c’s : Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat size.

In that section, you will learn why the quality and the price of diamonds always vary based on the 4 c’s.

We also recommend you to take a quick look at our Diamond Shape page which explains the various shapes available these days on the market. It will help you to make the right choice about the shape of your diamond.

Step 2, Establish What Your budget is!

How many month’s salary should a guy spend for an engagement ring? If you spend more money, does that mean she will think that you love her more? We suggest you visit our section called How Much Should I Spend on a Diamond Ring? to find out!

Step 3, Find a Good Jeweler Locally or Online!

You can start by shopping locally by visiting jewelers in your area. Please read the following before you start shopping:

Essential Tips Before you Buy a Diamond Ring

Don’t buy just yet! Now that you’ve found a good setting for your ring, please ask the jeweller to give you the exact price of the diamond he is offering you. Rush back home and look online to compare the price of his diamond with a reputable online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewellery.

Step 4, Closing the deal!

It’s now time to close the deal with either your local jeweller or your online retailer. See our How to Close the Deal section which provides you with good avise for both online and local retailers.